Our Guarantee

If there is a small problem with your order and we’ve done something wrong on our end you don’t need to request a full refund. We will rectify any error we’ve made and re-send it out free of charge. We’re human and sometimes we make mistakes but be rest assured we will fix it.


Our Guarantee is very simple. If you're not happy with our product and you want a full refund within 14 days of purchasing your product all you need to do is this:


  1. Email sales@funwallstickers.com.au requesting a refund and include your Tax Invoice number. They will reply with a refund code.
  2. Send back your product to 80 Technology Drive, Sunshine West VIC 3020 including your refund code on or in the package.
  3. Once we receive back the product we will issue a full refund for the purchase price you were charged. The cost of sending the product back will not be refunded. 


Please don’t just sent back your product. We won’t know which order is belongs to or who to make the refund to. Please ensure you have a refund code before sending back any products to us.