Our wall stickers are produced on a reusabe, repositonable, removal polyester fabric wall sticker stock. A majority of other wall stickers on the market are produced on pvc vinyl materials which aren't usually great for the environment.


The material we use on our samples are so unique because:

  • It is totally reusable
  • It is totally repositionable
  • Is it totally removable
  • Environmentally friendly using PVC free materials and Eco Solvent inks
  • The adhesive can stick on most flat and smooth surfaces
  • It is a fabric which is tear resistant 
  • The kits come on sheets which can be used to transport your stickers after use
  • The inks are rated for 3 years in sunlight and even longer indoors
  • Is waterproof which makes cleaning easy
  • Is scratch resistant so you don't have to be gentle with them
  • You can fix it if you accidently let the sticker stick to itself

If you have any questions regarding our material please email us on