Baby Nursery Ideas

Posted on June 16, 2011 by Jason

Having a new addition to the family is always a great, exciting and stressful time in anyone’s family. There is so much to organise and plan for, from the pregnancy itself to all the associated needs such as walkers, naming the child and of course decorating the nursery. Decorating the nursery is a great time to let go a little bit of the stress into the lead up of the pregnancy. It also allows the family to come together in an environment which is joyful and allows the extended family to also lend a hand.

There are many options for decorating a nursery including adding furniture, toys, painting, wall paper and of course wall stickers. We’re going to leave the furniture and toys to the experts and discuss the advantage of using wall stickers to decorate your new baby’s nursery. Let’s first discuss if it’s better to paint or to use wall stickers to decorate your new nursery. The advantage of paint is that it can be cheaper depending on the design in terms of materials. Wall stickers on the other hand have many more advantages:

  • They don’t need to be repainted when the design changes less work in the long run
  • They can be changed whenever you get bored or tired of your current design without additional cost
  • You can share them with friends and family once your child outgrows the design
  • They are quick and easy to put up with no mess
  • They won’t damage your walls of require repainting to remove the design

As you can see wall stickers provide many benefits over painting but they won’t always be for everyone. Sometimes the artist in us will want to add their special touch using paint. If you want to add your special touch but still use wall stickers consider customer wall stickers with your own design.

In terms of the stickers themselves Fun Wall Stickers provides currently seven different themes which suit both boys and girls. We also provide three different sizes to make it easy to choose from. The sizes cater to all budgets and all sized walls, the one thing you will notice is our wall stickers are HUGE. We know the market is already saturated with cheap small wall stickers supplied on A4 or A3 sheets. If you’re looking for these types of wall stickers you might want to try eBay of your local shopping center. You’d be surprised how small these wall stickers look when they are placed on a big wall. Our wall stickers range in up to 1metre in size so they are very big.

Alphabet Theme

Our alphabet theme is a great theme as it contains all the letters of the alphabet along with an image representing an item which starts with the same letter. This is great to help teach your children the alphabet while also decorating your room. This kit is suited to both boys and girls and has a great design to it.

Cars & Trucks

This theme is tailed to boys and contains a myriad of cars and trucks ranging from race cars to tractors to big semi trailers. If you have boys then this wall sticker is definitely for you. The large kit configuration provides a great assortment of graphical elements.


Enter prehistoric times with our dinosaur wall stickers. Dinosaurs we large creatures and our wall stickers represent that. Measuring up to 1metre in height our dinosaur wall stickers will create a huge impact in your nursery. This kit would be more suited to boys.


Our most popular wall stickers for girls. Turn your baby’s nursery into a majestic wonderland with a castle and unicorns flying around your child’s bedroom. These wall stickers would really suit a pink themed room


These cute farm wall stickers will look cute in any nursery whether it be for a boy or a girl. The cute wall stickers feature animals that you will find on any farm. The large and mega sized kits also feature a cute pony your child will fall in love with.


Want to be the king of the jungle? Then our safari wall stickers are for you. They suit both boys and girls and feature cute animals such as lions, giraffes and elephants. If you’re looking for an animal themed room which is playful then this kit is for you.


Do you think your children want to get lost in the stars? Or become an astronaut? Then the space theme is for them. They all contain an astronaut along with a rocket ship, stars and meteorites.

As you can see decorating a baby’s nursery is a fun and rewarding experience and here at Fun Wall Stickers we’ve made that easy by offering a range of wall stickers which cater to both boys and girls. They are also truly reusable so don’t just take our word for it order a free sample and test out our material for yourself. If you have any further questions about wall stickers feel free to contact us of post it on our face book page.


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