Sticking Fun Wall Sticker Kits to your wall is straight forward and we include tester stickers in every kit. The process for product use is as follows:


  • Unpack your kit and make the sheet flat as soon as you receive it - if the stickers are wrinkled this is fine as they will flatten when taken off the sheet
  • Make sure the wall you wish to apply to is properly painted with numerous coats and do not apply to a wall which has been painted in the last 6 months
  • Make sure your painted wall is clean of any dirt or dust (Please note painted walls with Teflon or anti-marking properties may affect your stickers holding up on the surface so DO NOT apply on these surfaces)
  • There is a test sticker included in each kit for you to try and use first (Use this on a non-visible area of the wall to ensure it will not damage paint)
  • Apply the sticker to the wall - use pressure to apply the sticker before it touches the surface for flat application
  • To remove the sticker from the wall simply peel off the sticker from the wall avoiding marking the surface with your nail
  • Place the sticker back on the backing paper avoiding to get any dirt or carpet on the adhesive

Warning: If small bits of paint come off with the adhesive on the sticker this means your wall is not adequately painted and allowed to dry 

                 -We will not be liable in any situation and this is why we provide a test sticker for you to test out before applying the kit

                 -We have a guarantee so check the product before this period

If you have any questions regarding application please email us on