About Fun Wall Stickers

Jamie & Jason

Jamie & Jason Xuereb are the guys behind Fun Wall Stickers


We love stickers especially wall stickers and we want to share the fun with everyone

Fun Wall Stickers

Fun Wall Stickers was started by Jason and Jamie Xuereb the founders of Mediapoint Pty Ltd a digital printing company specialising in stickers and labels. Recently they’ve had many friends and families  starting and adding to their current families with newborns.  This is their story:

Naturally we were being asked to supply custom wall stickers for their children(s) rooms. Once we got started we saw that everyone who walked into the room was amazed at the impact and size of the custom wall stickers.

We didn’t only want to share this experience with our close friends and relatives. We wanted to share it with everyone as we have seen what an exciting and joyful time it is to have a new addition to any family. We also saw that current wall sticker suppliers were using basic cut vinyl type materials and so called reusable materials.  Although these are ok to use and we use the same products for short term exhibition work in our Mediapoint business our wall sticker fabric material has many advantages over vinyl on walls. We know because we’ve been testing it for the past year. Our material is truly reusable and if you’ve used any other wall stickers on the market once you get our sample you’ll agree with us.


We decided to source not only the best reusable wall fabric sticker material on the market but also to source the cutest and most fun graphics available in the wall sticker market. We have over one thousand individual graphic elements that we are configuring into kits that you can apply to your walls. Not only do we have all these elements we're Australia's only current wall fabric supplier.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.


Jamie & Jason Xuereb
Fun Wall Stickers Founders